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Name:Alexander Cadwell
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Player and muse are 18+. I do not own the character or face. Using them for RP, entertainment purposes only.

Character Info --
(keep in mind, just a rough draft)

Name: Alexander Lucius Cadwell

Age: 17

Species: Incubus/human hybrid

Parents: Father, incubus, highly ranked. Mother, human, aspiring politician. [still W.I.P. on mum, could also be witch or something else human-like]

Hobbies: Rock music, action movies, martial arts, drawing, writing, video games, sex. He also loves parties. Anywhere they might be a party, there's always a good chance Alex will be there.

Powers: The usual for his kind, charmspeak, heightened stamina, sexual aura reading, rapid healing, enthralling, biological immunity, energy transfer. Can still be hurt or injured briefly, also going without some form of intimate contact or sex for too long will drain him fully. And having intimate relations for the same person for too many times in one day could prove fatal to the other party.

Notes: Student in a lot of private schools, some boarding schools, prestigious (i.e. Oxford, Ivy League, Harvard, e tc. type), after getting past puberty, had been.. ahem.. acquired a reputation among peers as 'experienced'. Who has he slept with in his various schools? Better question is, who HASN'T he been with. Lol. Of course there were a couple scandals in which he was found in a bed with a son or daughter of a visiting governor, risking great scandal, which was only scarcely avoided by Mom's money and connections to cover it up. Worse, he discovered that after one particular day with a crush in his dorm, multiple sex several times a day resulted in a near coma for his partner. It was after this that his mother had a serious sit-down with him and explained his full heritage and origins. Some other humans had also caught wind of him, so he was sent to Mythian in order to learn how to control his.. erm, talents. And maybe to also give his mom a break (she's looking to get elected in the Senate, and Alex's usual hijinks may have a chance to jeopardize that).
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